About Me

My name is Steven Anthony.

Throughout life I have chased the dream of self employment, although it took me all over the world and a modicum of success.  Building my own business through the years, to the ups and downs of our economy taking its toll.

One day whilst walking my two Jack Russels close to my home, I heard a piece of music on my iPlayer, it was an instrumental by Chris Deburgh, it seemed to inspire me to thoughts and pictures in my mind, as work was so up and down, I would find myself sat late into the night gripped by worry.

This is when I decided to put pen to paper and I began writing my vision of the song I had heard.

Once I had begun the story, I just seemed to write relentlessly it turned out to be nothing like the vision I had seen, it just flowed so intensely it totally gripped me for weeks on end till it was finished hence the Isaac Montgomery trilogy had begun.

Also the song that had begun my adventure, turned out to be the storyteller, unknown to me at the time.

I am now into my fifty eighth year of life and it has taken me this long to find that writing has become my salvation, as this brings me peace and comfort. My stories are as much a surprise to me as I hope they are to you.